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CWA Public Policy Agenda

CWA is the principal promoter and defender of the manufactured wall climbing industry in the USA. Each year, we monitor and attend dozens of hearings in states across the nations. The CWA’s public policy agenda involves educating our members on policy matters that may have an impact on their programs and businesses; promoting positive regulatory and business conditions for the industry; and promoting sound public policy regarding health, physical education and recreation.

The CWA encourages its members to be well-informed regarding the issues that affect their programs and businesses on the national, state, and local levels. The CWA is vigilant in monitoring developments that might have a negative effect on the industry and coordinates activity on the state and local levels to defend against policies, laws, or regulations that might be harmful to our members or the public.

Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

The CWA opposes the following state legislative and regulatory developments:

The CWA supports the following national legislative priorities:

Get Involved

We encourage you to get to know the legislators that represent you at every level of government—and engage them constructively. Let them know what issues are important to you and affect you. Exercise the rights that you have to speak freely and participate in government!

Member Case Studies

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